【活動】The 1st Africa CBDC Week

The 1st Africa CBDC Week is set to explore means to accelerate Africa’s Economic Recovery, evaluating CBDC and Alternative Sources Finance.



About this event

We bring to you the first-ever high-level ‘Africa Central Bank Digital Currency Week’ focusing on Accelerating Economic Recovery through Alternative Financing and Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). During the week of 7th February 2022, hosted virtually with a follow on physical gathering in June 2022 in Kenya, the global community will unite to explore payments, the role that CBDCs and alternative sources of finance including Decentralised Finance (DeFi), Cryptocurrency, and Green Financing can have to boost recovery and spur growth across Africa.

The first day, 7th February 2022, which will cover Cross Border Payments and E-Commerce is being delivered in partnership with Ecomerce Forum Africa, Global Policy House and AfriLabs.

We will start Africa CBDC Week by exploring the current landscape around Payments, Cross Border Trade, Digital Trade, E-commerce, and will follow deeper exploration around CBDCs, Alternative sources of Finance and Sustainable Impact Investments. The summit follows the successful CBDC Africa summit held in Nigeria 2020. At the 2022 summit, we also bring in a special day focused on exploring CBDC policy impacts and driving access to finance to support women and youth of Africa.

The 2022 summit will continue further in June in hybrid & physical formats to accommodate for Covid restrictions. In June, we take the opportunity to bring investors and business leaders to engage and do business together and enjoy a special retreat and safari with an opportunity to network with investors, high-level stakeholders and business leaders.

Uniting together to help Recover, Rebuild and work towards fostering Resilience for African economies. Kenya and the Eastern Africa community are important drivers of growth on the continent and are central to Africa’s future, therefore hosting the ‘Africa CBDC Week’ in Kenya, also connecting with Rwanda and Uganda provides an excellent opportunity to also showcase Kenya and East African business markets.

We are pleased to have many global speakers lined up including from global institutions:

African Union

United Nations

International Monetary Fund

International Chambers of Commerce


World Trade Organisation

World Bank

African Development Bank

World Economic Forum

Bank of International Settlements



MT Energy Resources





Fintech Association of Nigeria

Africa Investor Ai Group

Impala Pay

Moja Pay

Ecommerce Forum Africa

Global Policy House

We believe Africa is the future, and the future is now! Join us in building Africa We Want.


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