【研討會】The 4th International Conference on Sustainable FinTech and Supply Chain Management 2023

    Sustainable FinTech is an emerging and integrated application of financial innovation and sustainability initiatives, with core FinTech technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Mobile Payments (ABCDM technologies). These core technologies have been widely applied in various financial services to provide customers with an innovative experience of future financial services, but the resulting security risks and disputes over compliance with laws and regulations continue to be a RegTech challenge that countries around the world need to confront.

    Sustainable development initiatives emphasize environmental friendliness, social responsibility and corporate governance obligations in addition to the pursuit of profits. Green finance and circular economy have become the new significant economic phenomenon. As financial frameworks or ESG financial investment products are introduced gradually, corporations are showing great willingness to invest in circular economy business models, and many research institutes are emphasizing on exploring the correlation between economic activities and environmental performance. Particularly, carbon reduction strategies in the industrial supply chain are increasingly being emphasized as they will not only affect the resilience of core businesses but also determine the competitiveness of products in the marketplace. We believe that it is a good time to address the issues in Sustainable FinTech and Green Supply Chain Management.

    The conference aims to summarize the latest progress of FinTech development, review and exchange with practitioners from academic and financial circles, financial industry and pioneers who are interested in green FinTech development, and explore the future research direction to assist the technological upgrading of various industries and to benefit the digital transformation of the industries. We welcome papers which focus on theoretical studies, practical applications, and experimental prototypes, along with survey papers.


The 4th International Conference on Sustainable FinTech and Supply Chain Management 2023