Our center has projected 7 areas as our research field and established research lab accordingly. Each research lab is hosts by one lecturer whom responsibility in planning related research project, international cooperate and talent cultivation.


7 Research Field
Research Lab
Business Model
Supply Chain Finance and Sharing Economy Supply Chain Finance Supply Chain Finance Enterprise Mutual Financing and Cooperate Contract
E-Ticket System
Community Finance and Credit Risk P2P Risk Analysis Analyze Reliability and Risk Prediction of Online Fundraising, Influences of Text Mining, Machine Learning and Financial Robo-Advisor Development.
Financial and Forecast Analysis

Fintech and Artificial Intelligence

Regulation Technology Compliance Regulations and Financial Risk Management
Introduction of FinTech and Startup Company Value Analysis Accounting and FinTech

Value Analysis of New Startup Company, Product and Service

AI Smart Banking Intelligent Knowledge Management

Customized Artificial Intelligence Financial Report

AI Smart Banking Auto Learning in Risk Appetite and Precise Financial Management Goals
Financial Big Data Analysis Financial Big Data Analysis Financial Industry’s Precision Marketing and Risk Prediction
Underlying Structure of ABCDM FinTech Core Technologies Development Team