Strategies and Implementation

Push strategy

There are 4 main strategies to enhance our center research energy and technology transform research result:

  1. Integrate with electrical engineering & computer science department, information engineering department and electrical engineering department as well as School of Management expert in financial and management field, to contributing in business innovation of FinTech industrial value chain.
  2. Integrate with social science department, specific in legal field to contribute in FinTech regulation technology.
  3. With the support of NCKU’s transfer and business incubation center, apply patent and technology transform for potential research result and use it to assist in transformation of financial industry, improve operating performance of non-financial industry and foster FinTech new startup company.
  4. The Industrial value chain is concentered on banking, securities, insurance and investment, connected with supply chain lower stream industrial to develop innovative business model.

Specific implementation

Our center consists of seven research area and affiliated with research lab for each research area. Each research lab will execute its own subproject. All projects will apply artificial intelligence algorithm, blockchain, big data analysis as domain knowledge then combined with Finance, Risk Management, Supply Chain Management, Operation Management and other related knowledge to imputes the innovative business model research project.

From the research result of each sub project, the relevance and sharing of the application surface are connected in series to obtain the intellectual property and technology transfer.