• Name:

    Mi-Chia Ma

  • Job Title:

    Associate Professor

  • Research Centre:

    Research Lab of Big Data Analysis and Application

  • Department:

    Department of Statistics

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Research Interests

  • Bioinformatics
  • Biostatistics
  • Ecology statistics
  • Pharmaceutical Statistics
  • Software Reliability
  • Statistical data analysis


Short-term Plans

  • 2019/08/01~2020/07/31:科技部計畫-主持人: 時間相依共變數下的混合治癒模型:使用廣義動差法估計
  • 2018/05/01~2020/04/30:科技部計畫-共同主持人: 發展智能輔助判別系統以建立全方位非侵入性產前分子檢測之新紀元
  • 2017/08/01~2018/07/31:科技部計畫-主持人: 多變量混合Cox等比例風險及廣義估計方程之治癒模型 
  • 2016/08/01~2017/07/31:科技部計畫-主持人: 利用經驗貝氏方法估計錯誤發現率
  • 2020/01/16~2020/12/31:農委會計畫-主持人: 農業統計調查精進之研究(II) 
  • 2019/01/25~2019/12/31:農委會計畫-主持人: 農業統計調查精進之研究(I) 
  • 2018/01/24~2018/12/31:農委會計畫-主持人: 農業統計業務精進與研究
Course Teachings

Course Name:STATISTICS (2)

Department/Institute:Department of Statistics


Course Name:STATISTICS (2)

Department/Institute:Department of Economics



Department/Institute:Engineering Management Graduate Program


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